Slowly reaching hospital status

It may not be as quick as expected, but the Gerehu hospital in Port Moresby is surely stepping up to its hospital status.

All these thanks to NGOs and donor agencies that have been assisting with equipment.

The hospital was visited today by the Port Moresby Rotary Club, who donated a few specialised diagnostic equipment and 2 computers.

Specialised equipment are the triage meter used for cardiac or heart attack testing and the Epoc machine, used for critical blood analysis like diabetes and other critical diseases.

This donation has been described as a game changer that will go a long way in improving clinical service at this district hospital.

CEO Dr Steven Yennie said the diagnostic machines are a class and the best in the hospital.

"This will really enhance the capabilities of diagnostic efficiencies so health professionals can fully execute," he said.

Dr Gary Nou, physician attached with the hospital's emergency department, said the hospital gets very sick patients daily but they are hampered by their diagnostic incapability.

Diagnostic capabilities are techniques used to identify the nature of the medical condition.

He said these machines would save that problem.

"I have no doubt what's going to happen here after the machines are presented," he said.

Based on their statistics from last month, 20 percent of the cases received were category 1&2.

"They (category 1&2) are the ones who will use these (equipment)," Dr Nou added.

The CEO said the hospital also received two 40-foot containers with K3m worth of equipment from the Rotary South Brisbane Club early this year.

The club will also present x-ray machines.

However, Dr Yennie said the hospital still needed more equipment.

He said to continue the partnership with the POM Rotary Club to plan and process the development of Gerehu District Hospital.

POM rotary club has been in the country for 60 years.

2017 president Adam Hughes said the rotary was committed to doing it's very best in helping the community they live in.

(CEO Dr Steven Yennie left, with POM Rotary’s Adam Hughes today)

Gloria Bauai