Sir Bob urges fight against tuberculosis

The Governor General, Sir Bob Bofeng Dadae, is urging every Papua New Guinean to take necessary precautions to protect themselves against tuberculosis and stop it from spreading.

PNG will join the rest of the world to commemorate World Tuberculosis Day tomorrow.

Grand Chief Sir Bob said TB, whilst fatal, is curable therefore it is vital that every step is taken to prevent and halt the spread of the disease.

“It is important that TB patients adhere to their medications and complete their dosage as directed by health practitioners as failure to do so has seen an increase in high incidences of drug resistant strains of TB,” stated Sir Bob.

“TB is a dangerous disease but it is curable. If we do not take the necessary steps to protect ourselves and halt its spread it could prove fatal.

“It is therefore vital that those infected with the disease do not spread it to others and must keep up to date with their dosage requirement.

“The national theme for this year, Let’s Kick TB out of PNG, reminds each and every one of us to make it our responsibility to protect ourselves and stop the spread of TB.”

The Governor General expressed his appreciation to those leading the fight against TB in PNG, especially doctors, nurses, non-government organisations and government support through funding of equipment and drugs to treat TB.

“If you suspect either you or a family member has symptoms of TB, immediately go to a nearest health centre or hospital. With early detection, treatment can be administered promptly to cure the disease and stop it from spreading to your loved ones,” Grand Chief Sir Bob said.

(File pic - Sir Bob Bofeng Dadae)

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