In search of answers…

​“Try all doors” is what Sinta and Anton Peter are doing for their three year old son, Bongre Anton Peter.

Bongre was born a perfect baby boy to the young woman from Simbu and husband from Goroka.

But what began as a sore eye in 2015 has developed into a cancerous growth around his right eye, in just under two years.

From modern hospitals to traditional glassman, Bongre is now in Port Moresby, still in search of answers to the growth around his eye.

When the last hospital Sinta and Bongre went to said nothing could be done except seeking help from a church community, that’s exactly what they did.

Anton’s elder brother then took a photograph of Bongre and asked for help via Facebook.

Micheal Williams of Simbu Children’s Foundation reposted the appeal, which has been shared over 300 times and has attracted enough attention to fly Bongre and Sinta down to Port Moresby.

The mother and son arrived yesterday and were admitted to Port Moresby General Hospital’s Paediatric Ward 1E.

Bongre had an ultra sound scan at the Pacific International Hospital today and will later get two CT scans (brain & right eye). 

“We cannot assume anything at the moment. All we can do is wait for results from these scans to give us answers,” said Williams.

“And if nothing can be done in the country, we have friends abroad who have extended their offer to help.

“All in all, we have had fantastic support from the public.”

The team is in progress to set up an account in Bongre’s name.

“We should have that by Friday and whoever wants to assist financially can donate through the account,” Williams added.

Loop PNG will be following this story.

Gloria Bauai