Remain steadfast in this tech world: Ribat

An inter-denominational church service consisting of Catholics, Pentecostals, Anglicans and Seventh-Day Adventists was held at the Taurama Barracks this morning.

The main celebrant was his eminence Cardinal Sir John Ribat, who congratulated the Taurama community for organising an interdenominational service.

“And this is the truth about what we are celebrating today, doesn’t matter what religion we come from, Jesus is our Lord, Jesus is our Saviour,” said Sir John.

His main message was for Christians to remain steadfast to the Word of God.

He said today’s world, with the advent of technology, has changed the lives of many Papua New Guineans and while progress was welcomed, therein lies a lot of temptations as well.

“Today there is a big change there is a big difference, we cannot stop this, but we can prepare our lives to be aware of the changes that are coming,” said the Cardinal.

“But one thing that will never change is the Word of God to us.”

He stressed life was a journey, no one knows when their time on earth will be up but humanity should focus on sticking to the path of Christ though God’s word.

“We have mobile phones, we have computers we have everything, it can tempt us to leave the virtues in our culture and faith, but the Word will remain the same until the world ends,” he said.

A sacramental confirmation session was also conducted, where 22 children were confirmed to the Catholic Church.

According to the Catholic Church, the sacrament of confirmation together constitutes the "sacraments of Christian initiation", whose unity must be safeguarded. It must be explained to the faithful that the reception of the sacrament of confirmation is necessary for the completion of baptismal grace.

Meantime, Chief Executive officer of the Taurama Barracks, lieutenant Colonel Boniface Aruma, expressed gratitude towards Cardinal Ribat for choosing the Church as part of his pastoral visitation.

He conveyed that it’s been 7 years since the resident Catholic priest had left the Barracks however, the congregation there remained strong in faith due to their own beliefs supported by the rostered visitations of the clergy.

Meredith Kuusa