Recent rain causes flooding in Central Province

Adapting with change only guarantees your survival.

If you cannot adapt, you either move to a more suitable environment or you lose the battle of survival.

In PNG where weather can be unpredictable at times, it has become a game of nature versus man

And like many who live near a river, when raining season is on, the people of Laloki along the Hiritano highway, Central Province have to be on alert. Because, any time now, it may flood!

The last couple of days has been good on Port Moresby.

However, the continuous rain has put those residing along the riverside on the downside.

“There has been heavy rain since last week, which starts around 3pm and goes through to 10pm,” James, a local resident said.

It was around 5am this morning when the river flooded over the banks, pouring into residential areas.

But they were prepared for it.

“The frogs croaking loudly the whole night gave it away,” he said.

Although destroying the gardens, locals say this is not the worst that has happened.

“At the moment it’s just ankle to knee deep. But it usually cuts off the Hiritano highway at its worst.”

While the adults worry that if the rain continues, the situation may get worse, children however have not wasted time to get into the water.

Gloria Bauai