Project helps workplaces deal with TB

​Every work place is affected by tuberculosis and for a densely populated place like the Nation’s capital, business operations are more at risk.

Businesse4Health was founded in January this year, to help workplaces be prepared to deal with TB cases.

The project recruits people from workplaces who are part of the network of subscriber businesses and train them to be workplace TB wardens.

Ann Clark, the project manager says, B4H:TB engages one on one businesses to develop a TB workplace policy and TB workplace program respective to their business house.

“This is a private sector response to our nationwide TB problem. And the focal point of the TB epidemic is here in NCD. We know that NCD has the highest rate of drug susceptible TB, drug resistant TB and we also have issues around TB-HIV co-infection,” said Clark.

Clark explained that the idea is to equip one employee with the knowledge and skills to address and deal with TB cases in the workplace.

Three day training is designed to take each participant through understanding the nature of TB as the disease itself, the TB treatment pathway and how to implement the knowledge into respective workplace programs.

“Private sector doesn’t want to waste time. They haven’t got all week and day to wait around. And, we’re working with NCD health to make sure they can get into those services. You can’t get in if you don’t understand,” she said.

The project will be pushed into provinces as well. But in the meantime, Clark appeals to other business houses to join the fight against TB.

“It’s a matter of calling and ask me to come. Get your CEO to be the team leader, nominate someone to approach us and develop a TB policy.”

Contact Businesses4Health: / 7676 2482

Gloria Bauai