PNG has an abundance of tourism opportunities

Swaying palms, white sandy beaches, perfect waves and tropical sun.

This is one side to Papua New Guinea’s many faces.

While development seems to focus only in the capital city of Port Moresby and maybe other major urban centres, rural Papua New Guinea on the positive side, maintains its perfect beauty.

What certain parts of PNG can give, the capital city cannot.

For this reason, the World Surf League (WSL) which is coming to Papua New Guinea to stage it’s Men’s and Women’s Longboard World Championship Tour in March is going straight to Madang Province.

From March 18 – 25, more than 200 visitors will be in Madang, at the Tupira Surf Club, located in the Bogia District, two hours from Madang Town.

As highlighted by PNG Surf Association Andy Abel, international visitors will be able to assimilate with the locals and know what PNG is all about through local food, cultural dancing, landscape and more.

“This is the opportunity to showcase the true culture and lifestyle of PNG,” he said.

The association aims to give the best opening ceremony, one that portrays every element that personifies the country PNG.

In a land where a thousand journeys begin, PNG’s Tourism Promotion Authority depends on all sectors of the economy.

“If every Papua New Guinean and every sector plays a part and not leave it to TPA alone, tourism will flourish,” said CEO, Jerry Agus.

Papua New Guinea is still regarded as one of the last frontier, he added.

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Gloria Bauai