PNG designers working together to create and sell

In the spirit of entrepreneurship in the fast--‐growing fashion industry in Papua New Guinea, two designers have worked together on what is probably the first of its kind.

Lavagirl, the Kokopo based fashion brand and maker of the Lavagirl jewelry has signed on with Ui--‐Tiki Fashion, PNG’s first online fashion retailer to customise earrings or its “Aneru” collection.

Ui--‐Tiki’s Aneru collection focuses on resort wear that is inspired by traditional tattoos of the people of the Aroma Coast in the Abau District of the Central Province of PNG.  Ui--‐Tiki Fashion is owned and managed by Luania Temu based in Port Moresby.

“The word “Aneru” translates to “Angel” and what started out as tribute to our grandmother has become a statement line that pays homage to the strength and wisdom of our people and culture,” Luania Temu said.

The collaboration will see Lavagirl customising a range of earrings for Ui--‐Tiki Fashion. 

“We are selling our pieces to a growing number of retailers but this is the first time we are customizing a range for another designer and fashion retailer.

“It’s exciting really,” said Annette Sete, founder of the Lavagirl brand and Maku Gifts her shop front selling the Lavagirl items and other PNG made gifts.

“As well as working with another PNG sister in this industry, it’s that attitude to wanting to help other start ups that’s inspiring and motivating,” Sete said.

The first lots of earring where presented to Ui--‐Tiki Fashion last week.

They carry a distinctive “Aneru” design on a background of hard wood – keeping with the nature theme.

“We are absolutely honoured to be able to partner with Maku Gifts to create such amazing pieces of jewelry that are unique to our Aneru brand and culture,” Temu said.

“To know that the pieces are handmade in PNG by locals in Kokopo reiterates the importance of how collaborating with our own artisans and artists is so important to the development and progress of our SME sector.”

Temu added, “We will continue to honour this partnership and am proud to support fellow SMEs in working and moving forward together.”


Picture: Ui--‐Tiki’s Luania Temu enjoys the first of the earrings from the Lavagirl, Annette Sete. Sete also runs Maku Gifts based out in Kokopo, East New Britain. Picture  by Luania & Annette.


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