New toolkit for advocates

A new toolkit to aid the work of advocates against gender-based violence and family sexual violence has been launched.

The newly-developed community resources come in the form of flip charts and safety cards.

They are the end product of a series of consultations between Consultative Implementation & Monitoring Council-Family Sexual Violence Action Committee (CIMC-FSVAC), partners and stakeholders including the Department for Justice and Attorney General (DJAG) and Justice Services and Stability for Development (JSS4D).

This resource is called the survivor advocate toolkit and will help the advocate assist survivors of FSV through accessing support and justice / legal service.

The flip charts and safety cards have the necessary information such as referral pathways, legislations and laws, captured both in words and simple diagrams, making information dissemination a lot easier.

Executive officer Wallis Yakam said FSV is still a pervasive issue all over the world and accessing the justice system is a challenge for many because of cultural barriers and lack of awareness on where services are available and how to access them.

“Hence this toolkit, which also enhances the referral pathway effort that we are doing at the moment,” she said.

Dr Lawrence Kalinoe, DJAG Secretary, said advocacy is still an effective tool to both survivors and the public.

He said the onus is now on the advocates to bring this information into communities.

Gloria Bauai