New GBV awareness approach

The Creative Arts strand from the University of Papua New Guinea has taken a new approach to addressing Gender-Based Violence.

Led by the Theatre Arts students, the creative group is raising awareness on GBV through arts.

Body Art Spectacle is their latest project and the biggest production the students will be staging in November 23.

It will be a night of art featuring painting and art, music and dance, but with a bigger statement on GBV.

This is a first-of-its-kind event for the strand, according to talent coordinator, Ellen Mesibere.

“More so because GBV has been talked about over again but always watered-down. We’re trying to give an ‘in-your-face’ approach to it,” said Mesibere.

She said there has been an increase in GBV, affecting women physically and emotionally.

“It’s affecting almost 3 women out of 5. And most people hear about it and know about it but it’s still taboo. Culturally, nobody wants to really talk about it. So we will be talking about it on this level now,” she added.

The event will be staged at the Lamana Hotel with the support of three smaller business entities – Agent Creative, The Kreativ Kanaka and Dare2Create.

Follow their progress on Facebook page Body Art Spectacle 2017

Gloria Bauai