New executives for bilum association

The Bilum Export and Promotion Association has appointed new executives for 2018.

Florence Jaukae Kamel is the chairperson, Barbra Pagasa the treasurer, Joyce Moiwo as the BEPA business officer and Andrew Iyau as the secretary.

The new executives were appointed during the annual general meeting last Thursday.

They addressed the media on Friday afternoon to formally announce their roles and prove their commitment to transparency in the association.

BEPA has been in place since 2015, specifically to help bilum weavers in the country find markets both locally and internationally.

To date, the association has 10 cooperatives registered under it, and has also trained at least 500 women throughout the country. 

Kamel said these trainings are to improve product quality to match the type of market.

“If indigenous Australians are selling their traditional products at thousands of dollars, why can’t we do so, and financially empower our local women,” she said.

The challenge still to date is bringing these markets back to PNG.

“Women need to sell bilum so this is a journey we’ll continue,” said Kamel.

The new executives are adamant that 2018 will be a good year.

Moiwo said BEPA is a project still growing and this year’s executives will see BEPA take its new big step.

They will also be working closely with the Small and Medium Enterprise Corporation (SMEC) to develop their platform.

(Florence Jaukae Kamel, left)

Gloria Bauai