New beds for Gazelle health facilities

Patient care services in health facilities in Gazelle District and the two main hospitals under the East New Britain Provincial Health Authority are set to improve with the donation of new beds.

A total of 110 single beds with mattresses are part of a donation from the Office of the Member for Gazelle and now Civil Aviation Minister, Jelta Wong, to PHA identified rural health facilities and St Mary’s Vunapope Hospital in Kokopo and Nonga Base General Hospital in Rabaul district respectively.

Minister Wong said this is one of many activities the Gazelle District is taking to improve patients’ care.

“Most of the health facilities have wooden beds that have served their useful life and are in need of replacement.  Drip stands are not present and staff are forced to improvise,” Minister Wong said.

“The brand new retractable beds come in full sets, including new mattress, they are also adjustable for the comfort of patients; and brand new mobile drip stands.”

The bed distribution program commenced last week and was conducted by the Gazelle electoral staff.

Nonga General Hospital, St Mary’s Vunapope Hospital and Warangoi Rural Hospital received 10 beds each.

The beds were delivered to Vunapaka Health Centre, Livuan Day Clinic, George Brown and Rarongo aid posts in Livuan Reimber LLG, Navunaram Day Clinic, Napapar health centre and Kerevat Rural Hospital in Central Gazelle LLG, Paparatava health centre, Tapipipi health centre, Rapitok and Rabagi aidposts in Toma Vunadidir LLG, Gaulim health centre, Vunapalading, Utmei, Mandres, Warakidam and Kamanakam aid posts in Inland Baining LLG.

The bed distribution program will also cover Vunamarita aid post, Lassul Bay, Raunsepna and Open Bay health centres in Lassul Baining LLG.

Utmei Aid Post Officer in Charge, Michael Kapu-u, expressed gratitude to the Gazelle MP when receiving three beds on Friday (Oct 9) saying they will be utilised in the labour, inpatient and emergency wards. He said the beds are vital for the health and welfare of those admitted for treatment.

Minister Wong has extended his acknowledgement and appreciation to Patrick's Transport and JMart Limited companies in Port Moresby for supporting this community health support initiative.

(Utmei Aid Post Officer in Charge, Michael Kapu-u, second right, supervising the assembling of a bed last week)

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