New ANGAU Labour Ward

They no longer have to work in a cramped, ill-equipped facility.

Health workers of the ANGAU Memorial Provincial Hospital have excitedly moved into the new state-of-the-art labour ward.

The new birthing ward is spacious, comfortable and adequately fitted with facilities and equipment that midwives and mothers would need. This includes a waiting room for guardians and backyard with ample space for mothers to walk around.

The labour ward’s nurse manager, Sister Florence Nick, said they commenced operations on Wednesday, June 2nd, expressing that the new facility was a relief compared to the previous overcrowded ward.

“We have 10 birthing suites,” said Sr Nick. “We’re utilising five first because of our staffing strength. We have two rooms with eight beds for latent phase, or mothers waiting to go into true labour. Currently we’re utilising the five and the four beds.”

The new facility is a major step up from the old labour ward, which had six beds while the only form of a privacy was a curtain. Furthermore, the antenatal ward and labour ward used to share the same facility.

“So here it’s providing enough privacy for patients while the previous one, it was just curtains screening them. So I feel the patients will be more comfortable using this birthing suite,” said Sr Nick.

For the staff, the new state-of-the-art ward has greatly boosted their morale.

“The facility has motivated them to feel that they’re in another place, like in Australia,” stated the nurse manager with a smile.

“Coming in here, they feel like they’re in another country, a developed nation. They’re proud to work in here.”

The staff and management of ANGAU have extended their appreciation to the Australian government for the support.

Meantime, during their first day of operating in the new facilities, the midwives delivered 18 babies. And since there was ample space, some fathers were, for the first time, present for their child’s arrival and also had the opportunity to cut off the umbilical cord.

Carmella Gware