Nasfund health awareness

Nasfund has partnered with one of the leading healthcare providers in the country to conduct health talks on cervical and breast cancer awareness in the workplace.

Through this collaboration between the National Superannuation Fund Ltd (Nasfund) and Pacific International Hospital (PIH), more than 50 staff of Nasfund based in both Port Moresby and the branch operations, who joined in via Zoom attended the session on the 14th of July 2023.

Dr Mathias Sapuri, an author and publisher of more than 60 books with 35 years of clinical experience conducted a comprehensive health talk, that ensured all staff members are equipped with vital knowledge about cancer prevention, detection, and early intervention.

Nasfund in realizing that cancer remains a significant health concern for its staff, members, and community in Papua New Guinea has prioritized the promotion of cervical and breast cancer awareness as part of its ‘’Staff Wellbeing Program’’ that is spearheaded by the Talent & Culture division.

By partnering with Pacific International Hospital, renowned for its commitment to healthcare excellence, the Fund aims to empower and educate its staff members, providing them with the necessary tools to make informed decisions regarding their health.

Present for the session, Dr. Sapuri, an eminent figure in the field of women's health, led the discussions that covered a wide range of topics, including risk factors, symptoms, screening methods, treatment options, and the importance of regular check-ups.

The sessions also included Q&A segments, and the distribution of informational materials, enabling employees to deepen their understanding of cervical cancer and its prevention strategies.

Commenting on this initiative, Nasfund’s General Manager Talent & Culture, Vincent Lialu, expressed his enthusiasm, stating,

"At Nasfund, the health and well-being of our staff are of paramount importance. By getting into partnerships with key institutions like Pacific International Hospital and PNG Cancer Foundation, while bringing in the expertise of Dr. Sapuri, we are taking significant steps to raise awareness about cervical and breast cancer to ensure our staff members are empowered with the knowledge they need to protect their health including their families and the communities we serve,’’ he said.

Chief Executive Officer, Rajeev Sharma who was also present during the session thanked Dr Sapuri and the PIH medical team, for an informative and interactive session on how to deal with medical issues along with the importance of preventative and regular medical checks reiterating that,

‘’Nasfund understands the importance of prioritizing staff wellbeing to ensure that our employees are not only financially fit but medically fit and remain healthy to better serve our members,’’ he said

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