Mine Supports PNG National Women’s Day

Harmony and Hidden Valley Mine, who said they are proud to be an equal opportunity employer, will join Papua New Guinea in commemorating National Women’s Day tomorrow, March 24th.

In a statement, the firm said: “Hidden Valley Mine is proud to celebrate the prosperity, success and contributions of women across our business from mining operations, processing, mobile fleet maintenance, fixed plant maintenance, environment, community affairs, human resources, commercial, procurement, logistics, ICT, asset protection and medical and safety.”

“Hidden Valley Mine supports women from our landowner villages by providing direct employment through the Green Hire program. Under our Employee Training and Development Program, over 70 women from our host communities have trained as operators of haul-trucks and other mining equipment.

“Today women operate an impressive 46 percent of our small-haul trucks. While there is still more to be done to achieve greater equality, it is important to celebrate where we are now and how far we have come.

“Training and upskilling of female employees is strongly encouraged to set their mark and break barriers, especially in the traditionally male-dominated mining industry.

“Recognising the work and achievements of women inspires and paves pathways for further women to achieve their full potential. While events including PNG National Women’s Day and International Women’s Day activities escalate during March, Harmony maintains a deep and continuous focus on equality, diversity and inclusion all year round.

“Thank you to the incredible women of Harmony whose endeavour contribute to the success of our business every day.”

Loop author