Milk program promotes healthy living

Kina Bank recently partnered with Central Dairy Limited to tackle the growing rate of malnutrition in Papua New Guinea (PNG) through the new ‘Milk in Schools’ program.

The initiative was supported and funded by Kina Bank, and for four months, children from Nonu Independent Institute of Education enjoyed Illimo Dairy Milk Sticks for breakfast; a healthy way for them to start their school day.   
Malnutrition is a major problem in PNG, particularly for children in settlements experiencing a lower standard of living. 
Kina Bank’s Country Head, Lesieli Taviri said, “Everyone at Kina Bank were eager to support this worthy program and to ensure it was a success we donated PGK100,000, as a small step in supporting the youth of PNG.” 

“Milk is a whole nutritional package and providing milk at school is an effective way to combat a lack of nutrition at home. It’s the number one single food contributor for healthy bone and structural development and is ideal for building stronger futures,”  Taviri continued.

Data captured on average height and weight from the program revealed the extra calories and protein consumed supported growth and healthy development in students. The daily milk sticks also improved classroom attendance and learning.  
 “We love playing our part to change things for the better in PNG communities,” Taviri added.  
The campaign forms part of Kina Bank’s Environmental and Social Management Strategy to stay committed to people and communities in PNG. 

Loop Author