Men should take lead: Governor

Men should take the lead in campaigns to end violence in the country.

This message was stressed during Sunday’s walk for life, which was dedicated to one of such campaigns.

Leading by example was the Governor for NCD, Powes Parkop, a big advocate on this issue.

He was joined by Police Minister Jelta Wong and the Minister for Religion, Youth & Community Development, Soroi Eoe.

Parkop said mostly men were perpetrators. This makes GBV a man’s problem to take on.

“Our effort up to now has been good but not good enough because it’s not involving a lot of men perpetrators. Secondly, we’re not dealing with behaviour change, we’re just dealing with symptoms,” he said.

Parkop said the Family Sexual Violence committee have been doing a good job. However, dealing only with the survivors would not fully address the issue.

“They’re only dealing with victims and survivors, providing legal aid, refuge, medical support, counselling…but when victims and survivors return home, violence is still there, because the environment is still there.

“We need to move to behaviour change and get men and boys involved,” he said.

Parkop said admitting and apologising start the process of change.

“Only then, we’ll reduce and hopefully eliminate violence.”

Gloria Bauai