Manolos medivacs supported

Manolos Aviation will soon be able to accurately monitor and stabilise its patients during a medivac.

Trukai Industries has supported the Mountain Area Medical Airlift (MAMA) Foundation with a defibrillator – a compact monitoring device that is valued at over K100,000.

Defibrillators can restore a normal heartbeat and prevent or correct an uneven heartbeat (arrhythmia); a crucial device for emergency medical evacuations (medivac).

Trukai Industries is supporting Manolos Aviation’s Mountain Area Medical Airlift Foundation to procure a Zoll X Series defibrillator.  

CEO Alan Preston said this vital service that Manolos provides is a wonderful story for PNG.

“The service that the foundation offers is a national service,” he stated. “It’s all over Papua New Guinea. They’ve got bases all over the country so it’s a national service, not only Morobe Province; which is great.

“And that’s one of the things that appeals to Trukai.

“We’ve now committed to the foundation, four years of funding; the last two years and the next two years. And I hope it continues for both parties because it’s a great partnership that we really believe in.”

Manolos human resource and marketing consultant, Phyonna Silikara, thanked Trukai for their continuous support, saying the company has been behind them since 2017, assisting with funding and equipping their operation.

In March alone, the foundation medivaced 1,626 patients.

Silikara said only Trukai has been supporting this vital service.

“Most of the support that come are not for the medivac program; it’s primarily for commercial activities that Manolos Aviation does, and that goes into subsidising the medivac program,” she clarified.

“We do have district partnerships with certain MPs that decide that they want to come in and provide medical support for their provinces or their districts. But we do not have any private sector support at this stage except Trukai, and we thank them for that.”

(Trukai Industries CEO, Alan Preston, with Manolos Aviation staff after the announcement of their support at the Manolos premises in Lae)

Carmella Gware