MAF reconnects with churches

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) is urging local churches and communities in rural areas to work in hand with the government to ensure airstrips are in good condition for basic services to reach those areas.

The poor state of the airstrips in the East Sepik and Sandaun provinces has been a reason for concern for MAF. The airstrips' condition has deteriorated over time due to a lack of funding and maintenance.

MAF PNG General Manager for Aviation and Senior Pilot, Brad Venter said if an airstrip becomes unsafe, MAF has to cease flying there.

Recently, MAF ministry team spent a week touring Sandaun, East Sepik and Madang provinces to learn more about the challenges church leaders face in their communities and to offer help. 

Old connections were renewed between MAF and many of the pastors. Pastors were able to share the difficulties of working in remote locations in PNG.

Vanimo Assembly of God Pastor, Zedidiah Kamblijambi, said that this initiative brought him back to a time when he used MAF flights to travel to communities in his region.

“There were connections, MAF did a lot of work during that time with different denominations and AOG was one of them, but unfortunately the connections broke down for some reason. 
“But with this new opportunity is kind of a reconnection with us churches and MAF, so we can move forward together achieving our missions and visions reaching many rural communities sharing God’s gospel and enabling them to have basic services in their area.”

Manager Venter shared that providing subsidized airfares to churches is a priority and that MAF is happy to provide flying for church groups, pastors, and other church workers.

“We have noticed a general decline in bookings from these churches and we would encourage them to make the necessary inquiries at the MAF offices in Vanimo and Wewak. 

“We have tried to ensure that we are always able to provide this service and have never stopped flying in the Sandaun province and to Vanimo and Wewak.”

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