Madang joins fight against AIDS

Madang Province has joined in the commemoration of the World AIDS Day today.

Throughout Madang, banners of the red ribbon signifying the fight against HIV/AIDS have been put up.

Even companies like the Trukai Industries Madang depo have joined in, putting up a banner since Wednesday.

Today, all staff came to work with a red ribbon.

"This is an annual thing for Trukai. We support a lot of health programs, and World AIDS Day is one of them,” said Jillanne Valu, regional sales manager - Momase.

“It's sad to see a lot of people dying from this disease that can be avoided."

As a company, Trukai holds in-house weekly safe talks and health talks, raising awareness amongst its employees on issues like AIDS.

Valu said this disease is basically a matter of social behaviour.

"We are human beings. We need to socialise, but when doing so, socialise with common sense," she stressed.

Valu affirmed Trukai's continued stand in proactively supporting the fight to end AIDS.

She urged all to be safe at all times.

Gloria Bauai