The Korean experience comes to POM

What’s special about Korean?

These dishes are authentic, firstly.

Seafood featured dishes, rice and noodles – the Korean style, Korean barbecue with beef and other meat, the popular fermented cabbage – Kimchi; to name a few.

And, can be very expensive, depending on where they are served.

In Port Moresby, there is one restaurant providing this experience at the most affordable price possible.

The Korean Garden in Vision City opened last year.

It has quickly become a favourite spot, attracting expatriates and a good number of locals.

Early this month, Korean Garden launched its updated Korean Menu.

If there’s one thing that stands out, it’s the KBBQ.

A table lined with prawns, squid, (green shell) mussel, pork belly, marinated beef and chicken fillets.

The best part? You do it yourself.

“It is a BBQ, so the protein is provided and you cook it directly on the pans, yourself. If you wish for assistance, there are waiters to step in for you,” said Chef Min.

In perfect Korean style, you place your protein of choice, a few vegetables – capsicum, onion, fermented cabbage on a big lettuce leaf, add a bit of sauce, wrap it into a ball and eat it.

Or eat it how you want.

Explore the tastes. Expand your food range to include noodles- Naengmyun, rice, Korean Sushi – Gimbap, seafood pancake – Pajoen, including sauces like the wasabi sauce made from reddish, seaweed soup and side dishes of appetizers.

Test your tastebuds. It’s spicy hot one taste, sweet the other, sour with another.

And it’s a whole Korean experience: the room design, the table, the cutlery, the pans, and the main ingredients, not forgetting the chefs.

It’s the Korean in Port Moresby.

Korean Garden’s aim to bring an international experience which falls in line with Vision City’s wish to be the best in the city.

Gloria Bauai