IP Day celebrates innovations

​Do you sometime try to imagine how life was some 100 years back?

And then think how life would be if there were no changes in technology?

The process of this gradual changes, which involved giving birth to new methods or ideas or products is described as innovation.

This year’s world IP (Intellectual Property) Day stands to recognise these innovations, with the theme Innovation Improving Lives.

Out in full force today at Vision City was the IP team, a division under the Investment Promotion Authority, promoting the idea of innovation which has unfolded through various platforms over the years.

Lorna Baida, Senior IP Registration Officer with the IP Office of PNG said the day today celebrates innovations and how it improves our lives.

“We say that innovation lies at the heart of our economic and social wellbeing and contributes to economic growth and creates new and better job opportunity for our day to day life

“We can only compare the life we are living now to life 100 years back to appreciate how our material lives have transformed. That sway we can understand how innovation and technology has played a part in improving our lives,” she said.

But at the heart of this celebrations comes the reminder to protect your innovations, considered as the intellectual property.

IP is the intangible property that is the result of creativity, such as patents, copyrights, etc.

PNG has three acts of IP: Patents and industrial designs, Trademarks act and Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act.


Gloria Bauai