Inmates taught creative writing skills

30 inmates at Beon Correctional Institution, Madang graduated with a certificate of participation after completing a nine-month workshop on Creative Writing facilitated by the Divine Word University Centre for Social Research.

During the workshop from August 2023 to June 2024, the inmates contributed to writing a novel titled “Nanewani and the Magic Stone” which tells of the years of struggle and challenges of a boy from Bogia trying to get back home but found himself in Japan after being adrift at sea.

Facilitator and Director of the Centre for Social Research at DWU, Professor Nicolas Garnier was happy for his graduating students as they achieved something purposeful in life. Although prisoners, he believes they should also be given the chance to further their education.

Beon Jail Commander, Jackson Gubag was overwhelmed and stated that although there have been many programs that the inmates have participated in, this ceremony was by far a milestone for Beon and other Correctional Institutions in the country as they become the first institution to graduate novelists.

Gubag said out of the 30 graduates, 19 were from the juvenile cells and 11 were inmates serving time at the Maximum-Security Unit. He added that Professor Nicolas had assisted the inmates to secure a unit at the DWU mini-mart to sell their arts and crafts items.

He would like to see all inmates rehabilitated and return as assets to their communities.

Meantime, Provincial Police Commander Acting Superintendent Robert Baim, stated that the trend of crime has shifted over the years from adults committing major crimes to now juveniles taking the lead. This he said has been a challenge for the law enforcement agencies as the statistics for juveniles committing crimes has increased.

PPC Baim challenged parents to start taking ownership of their children’s behavior and instill proper discipline before children reach school age.

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