Hotel boasts ‘perfect water’

Lamana Hotel is the first hotel in PNG to offer the perfect water.

Well it’s still Eda Ranu…but healthier.

You’ve heard of Kangen water?

It is water collected through a special technology developed by Japanese company Enagic, enhancing the quality of any clean water, producing what many refer to as perfect "living water”.

Lamana general manager, Yiannis Nicolaou, was introduced to it by Michelle Tempongko Jones, a Nutritionist, Naturopath and Wellness coach.

After trying the water for a few months, the GM had the hotel install an Enagic Super 501 machine in its kitchen on June 14. 

The 12-plate machine makes it possible for the “perfect water” to be served at its restaurants and for washing vegetables as well as cleaning and disinfecting chopping boards and knives, kitchen benches and other cleaning utensil. 

Nicolaou says the water has instantly been accepted by everybody – customers request specifically for Kangen water and staff bring their water bottles and fill for themselves.

The enhanced water is more alkaline, mineral and hydrogen-rich and a powerful antioxidant, as explained by wellness coach Jones.

“Some of us spend so much money on vitamins to stay healthy. Here (Lamana), they have access to something that has higher antioxidant just with the water,” she said.

This puts the hotel at an advantage.

“The more energized and healthier our staff is, the better they will perform at work, and the happier they will be.  That also goes for our guests and patrons that come and dine and stay with us.  We want everyone to experience this healthy water,” Nicolaou said.

“The thing with Kangen water is you can actually save money instead of getting the water that they sell for the dispensing unit, you can fill up the dispensing bottle with Kangen water,” he added.

Lamana hopes to install one more machine soon to cater solely to the water requirements for the 109 rooms.

In the meantime, Lamana is also making arrangements for special bottles to be placed in the rooms of the hotel soon.  That way all our guests can have the full benefit of a relaxing, stress-free, and healthy stay at Lamana.

Jones says there are also 4 other units for household use. Following are approxite values: The Kangen 8 (8-plates) is K17 000, SD501 (7-plate) is K13, 800 and JRII (3-plate) is K7,500. 

The machine life is said to be between 20-40 years, as long as the owner maintains and keeps it clean.

Nicolaou feels more awareness on this water is needed.

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