Heart check: Screen camp coming to you soon

​Pacific International Hospital will be holding cardiac screen camps across Papua New Guinea.

These camps are to identify heart related conditions in people.

This follows a successful three-day screen camp in Goroka last month, March.

PIH now aims to do this as a monthly exercise, free of charge, in main areas and inaccessible areas.

The idea to run this for free is too encourage people to come forward for screening without any fear, says Dr Suresh Venkita - Medical Doctor and Chief Physician (Cardiology and internal medicine).

There will also be free ECG (electrocardiogram) a test that checks for problems with the electrical activity of your heart and free Echo-cardiogram (also called an echo) - a type of ultrasound test that uses high-pitched sound waves that are sent through a device called a transducer.

“The program is already drawn. So we screen and advise them, talk about risk factors and developing factors and stabilise them and thereby improve their overall fitness, should they require surgery a few years down the line,” he said.

 As a social call, PIH will also provide awareness lecture open to the public.

(Picture source: Pacific International Hospital had a successful advanced cardiac screen in Goroka, at the Univerity of Goroka, last month)


Gloria Bauai