Fun trip to the cup noodle factory!

Cup noodle is a favourite among professionals as well as those on the go. It's easy to prepare, is convenient and affordable.

In PNG, Indomie's Pop Mie from neighbouring Indonesia is the most popular cup noodle.

Loop PNG this week visited the Cup Noodle factory in Yokohama, Japan, and witnessed firsthand how the cup noodle is prepared and packed.

This reporter is among 10 journalists from member countries of the Asian Development Bank that visited and had the opportunity to hand pick ingredients for their cup noodle before it was sealed.

The factory sees a lot of visitors, especially school children, during their breaks.

During the visit this week, Loop PNG witnessed how school aged children learn how the noodle is made.

They observed how the dough was rolled out, which later gets precooked before it's put in cups and the flavouring is added.

The 30-minute visit, although short, always sees children running out with big smiles because they get to pick a cup, write their names before going to the counter to pick ingredients.

And of course the souvenir is tightly sealed in a bag for the visitors to take home.

How cool is that? Picking your own cup noodle ingredients instead of just taking one off the shop shelves.

Sally Pokiton