Free health checks at VC!

To an average Papua New Guinean, a basic doctor’s consultation is considered expensive or a waste of money.

Adding on to this, the long lines at hospitals and health centres discourage a regular health check-up for many.

And like Anna Adrian says: “We go about, not knowing that there is something wrong with us.”

For this, a free health check is the opportunity to know your health status.

Adrian was one of the many who gathered at the 2K Medical Clinic’s booth at Vision City for free blood pressure check and free sugar test.

2K is offering this service as part of its activity for the duration of the VC Trade Expo currently underway.

This year is its first participation in the exposition but the medical centre team has already signed up more than 900 people.

Alain John, a staff nurse at the booth, said the reason for this is basically for health awareness.

“I believe one thing PNG lacks is health awareness on health care. Many people are not aware of their health status and they’re simply not health conscious,” he said.

At least 10 referrals have already been made in the first three days and the team has talked with a few more, whose results have indicated dangerously high levels.

John said on average, 2K medical is serving at least 250 – 300 people.

“We’re still running and will be here for the 2 weeks’ duration, so come around and check your BP and sugar level,” he said.

Gloria Bauai