Early Xmas for Friends Foundation children

It's a happy day for more than 50 children registered with the Friends Foundation Inc in Port Moresby.

The charity organisation today had a small Christmas party, gifting the kids with early Christmas presents.

These are children exposed to HIV and or living with HIV.

The foundation provides support for this group of population.

This event was made possible through a donation by the Gordon’s International School.

Earlier this month, the school hosted a Christmas carol event, a fundraiser which raised about K20,000.

All these proceeds were given to the foundation.

Executive officer for Friends Foundation, Rory Sitapai, said the money will go towards buying Lactogen for babies exposed to HIV, to decrease their chance of contracting it from the mother.

Sitapai said part of that money was used for the Christmas party.

He further thanked the school for the donation.

He said they have also had visits over the last few days by a number of organisations.

"For our children to see that we have people there who are willing to support, who are willing to give them the strength to see them survive, it's emotional for us," he said.

Gloria Bauai