Digicel opens new corporate gym

Digicel is pleased to announce the opening a new, state of the art, corporate gymnasium at the head office in Port Moresby.

The delivery of this new fitness center furthers the company’s commitment to create and sustain a healthy work-life balance for its employees.  
Digicel Senior Vice President, Lorna McPherson said: “At Digicel, maintaining a good work-life balance for our employees is important, and over the years, we have provided health and fitness programs for our staff so they can lead a healthy lifestyle. However, achieving a work-life balance can be challenging, as often seen, individuals put more of their time and focus, into work and very little priority is given to their physical well beings”.  
“Thus, our Chief Executive Officer, Colin Stone had a vision to improve and sustain a healthy workforce and one of the initiatives includes, providing a fully equipped gym to our doorstep. I am therefore pleased to represent Mr. Stone and the management of Digicel today, to officially open this new corporate gymnasium. I encourage all our employees to take advantage of the fitness classes and utilize the gym facilities which are free for use daily,” Ms McPherson said.  
Digicel employees now have the opportunity to either start or continue their fitness journey which is significant in reducing health risks and illnesses, in turn boosting a healthy and positive workplace environment.
Increased productivity, performance and morale is also an expected outcome that is beneficial to both the staff and the business holistically. 
A variety of gym equipment, training and fitness sessions are also available to all Digicel staff.  
The gymnasium is available to all Digicel employees for use from 8am to 7pm daily.  


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