COVID-19 Affects Goroka Show

Increase in COVID-19 cases in the Eastern Highlands Province and the country was a major setback in celebrating the 46th Independence anniversary in style.

The renowned Goroka Show was cancelled at the last minute disappointing many who were already in town for the Show.

Local artists, Small, and Medim Enterprises spent a lot of money to travel into Goroka, some as performers, sellers of their local artefacts and many as spectators.

The announcement came from the Office of EHP Governor, Peter Numu and the Office of the Controller for PNG COVID-19 pandemic in the light of the increase of Delta Variant cases and deaths.

Upon the advice from the Controller’s Office, Governor Numu and the Provincial Health Authority they agreed to stop the show for the sake of the people’s health and safety.

“Corona Virus is here to stay, that’s why we must be conscientious of people’s health and safety when making decisions on mass gathering, where it poses a risk to the people and the disease can be easily transmitted,” Controller Manning said.  

 “If we say yes to Goroka Show, it is like we are joking around and we could be using our authorities to kill ourselves from COVID-19. Consider your life and forget about the show. COVID-19 will not go away, it will remain and continue to take lives.”

He said it was a good decision made by the authorities to stop the show as they had considered the lives of the people. 

Frieda Kana