Conservation organistations observe World Wildlife Day

Living in harmony with our environment means taking care of our wildlife.

So yesterday, it was all about educating people on protecting the wildlife at Port Moresby Nature Park.

Recognising the World Wildlife day which falls on March 4, the park invited wildlife organisations to display products and do awareness.

At least 15 conservation organisations came out including ExxonMobil PNG, The Nature Conservancy, RSPCA of PNG, Wildlife Conservation Society and more.

Families turned up in numbers as the park came alive with many fun activities including face-painting to jumping castles for kids, filling crossword puzzles and many more.

Love wildlife? Here’s how you can help:

Advocate: Tell others about conservation programs in PNG and how they can save wildlife.

Donate: Small donations do make a difference.

Pledge: make your own promise to wildlife (e,g; I won’t eat bush meat, buy jewellery made from wildlife parts, etc).

Join: Become a member of Port Moresby Nature Park and help support their education, conservation and research works.

(Pictures: Port Moresby Nature Park recognised the World Wildlife Day with fun activities and awareness program; Gloria Bauai)

Gloria Bauai