China maintains commitment to PNG

The People’s Republic of China has maintained its commitment to developing PNG’s health services for 15 years now.

An understanding between the PNG Government and China in 2002 has seen a continued support in addressing specialised equipment, manpower and facilities in the country. 

There has since been at least 8 specialised medical teams to the country to date and a service that has reached almost 100,000 patients in PNG.

Port Moresby General Hospital is one big recipient from this partnership, enabling better service to the population.

CEO Dr Umesh Gupta, who took over the office in 2014, says over this time, he has seen great development.

“Year after year, we see valuable service, skills transfer and ongoing exchange of ideas and mutual benefit.

“We receive medical equipment and have medical teams impart a progression of ideas and proper skill transfer to allow proper development of services in PNG,” he said.

The 9th medical team will focus on urology and neurology, as discussed by Health Secretary Pascoe Kase and Urologist at PMGH Dr Osborne Liko during their travel to China late 2017.

Dr Gupta says the consensus was developing minimally evasive surgery in urology.

“This is a huge step forward in PNG. PNG wants to develop its health services and the partnership is a dream come true,” he added.

Chinese ambassador to PNG, Xue Bing, yesterday (Feb 6) signed over the endoscopic equipment for urology in PMGH.

He said China has enjoyed a good relationship with PNG in the field of medicine over the years, bringing doctors, consultants, staff and providing free services to outside provinces.

He thanked Chinese teams for promoting the bilateral relationship with PNG through their work.

(Chinese ambassador to PNG, Xue Bing, left, with Dr Umesh Gupta)

Gloria Bauai