Children most affected

In a home where violence is regular, children are the most affected.

However, they still lack the voice on a national platform, says Anna Solomon, secretary for Religion, Youth and Community Development 

Solomon said ending violence was important for the benefit of the children.

“Focus on children now,” she said.

“Mothers, stand strong…we have a right to a safe home and the children have a right to a healthy mother,” she added.

She noted too many school fights, systems and alcohol abuse affecting the whole nation.

Solomon said a children’s forum will be held in Port Moresby on November 20. The forum will have the best schools, representing all children in PNG, debate on issues affecting them (children), such as GBV and school fights.

She said children are growing up among darts, card games and alcohol.  

She called on a change in these activities and divert more attention to children’s upbringing. 

Gloria Bauai