Children celebrate Global Handwashing Day

The children enrolled at Buk bilong Pikinini's (BbP) Library Learning Centres across Papua New Guinea united to commemorate Global Handwashing Day, emphasizing the early education in preventing the spread of infectious diseases.

The celebration focused on imparting essential personal hygiene practices through interactive methods such as play and song. Children worldwide are being encouraged to sing a familiar tune, like "Happy Birthday," twice while washing their hands—a technique proven to ensure sufficient time for the removal of germs and bacteria.

Teachers at BbP's learning centres conducted presentations, educating the young participants on the proper timing for handwashing, emphasizing key moments such as after using the toilet and before meals. They also walked the children through the necessary steps for effective hand hygiene.

Recognizing the intertwined nature of health and education, BbP took proactive measures by providing extra supplies of soap and bubbles during the celebration.

This initiative aims to instil in children the importance of maintaining healthy hand hygiene from a young age, fostering awareness that will have lasting effects.

Loop Author