Change starts at home

It’s up to the men now, to break the chain of violence, says local artist dAdiiigii.

He is one artist, putting his hand up to push the campaign of ending violence.

dAdiiigii says that the path to a country free of violence, beings in every home.

And it is the responsibility of the head of the house.

“It lies with the father of the house - how you treat your wife, children. It rubs off on the children.

“A child’s brain is like sponge that absorbs everything. They grow up, practicing what they see in their homes,” he said.

dAdiiigii said over the years, the practice has been accepted as part of the culture.

“So it seems hard to stop. But we can change it, if we are determined to and start changing how our children see the idea of problem solving.

“That there are more peaceful ways to do this than being physical,” he added.

He also stressed on respect for one another.

Gloria Bauai