All-out war on TB!

As chairman of the West New Britain Provincial Health Authority, Dr. Mathias Sapuri has announced the launch of an “All Out War on TB and MDR-TB in West New Britain and PNG”.

The theme is “STOP TB IN WNB AND STOP TB IN PNG”.                

PNG and West New Britain Province are sitting on the Multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) time bomb.

West New Britain Provincial Health Authority and NDOH are meeting regularly to address the immediate concerns and develop the long term 5 year strategic action plan.

Secretary of NDOH, Pascoe Kase, and a team of TB specialists are now on board to address the immediate measures and to make sure that there is control of this potential explosion.

The National Government and Provincial Government Urgent Submissions have been submitted and there is a need for urgent funding from the NEC and PEC.

Sophie Yaruso