30 000 new TB cases in the last decade

The problem of tuberculosis in PNG is 10 times greater than HIV and AIDS revealed Dr Ann Clarke, Project Manager of Business for Health.

Dr Clarke reaffirmed her statement, making reference to the 30 000 new TB cases in the last 10 years reported every year.

Tuberculosis, drug resistant TB and TB and HIV co-infection is the leading cause of death from infectious diseases in the country.

Dr Clarke highlighted TB case notification has increased since 2008.

In response, Business for Health, a Not For Profit organization is designed to mitigate the impact of the TB and HIV epidemics in the private sector.

The organization provides workplace health advocacy, policy and workplace TB training services in coordination with the PNG National TB program.

“To assist in case findings continue on going education programs in the workplace but more importantly lean the complex process of getting tested and treated” said Dr Clarke while reiterating the work of the organization.

This will than translate into increased awareness by the private sector in the communities they serve.

“We can enable the people who learn this in the workplace to share the information with their families and further impacting the wider community” Dr Clarke added.

Supporting the organization, SP Brewery presented K50 000 this week to address the plight of TB in PNG.

“As a company that is concerned about the health and wellbeing of its employees and well as PNG in general, I believe we are supporting a worthy cause” said Corporate Affairs Manager, John Nilkare.




Carolyn Ure