10 lies that you have necessarily given

Lying is the prerogative of all. Impossible to find someone who has never lied in his life; Let's say difficult to avoid being too categorical.

Some people like to say that any truth is not good to say because some people are not ready to listen to the truth anyway. But however, there are lies that are totally free. What's more, they are automatic at home. To give us good consciousness, we often like to say that it was only a small lie of no consequence.

Below is a list of these lies.

1. " I love you! "To explain the use of these words, some say they want to simply get rid of someone who became too pressing to hear the magic phrase.

2. " I'm almost there / e ." In general, it is far away, even very far to reach when issuing the sentence. Its purpose, reassure and make wait.

3. " I'm fine . "It's routine, when you ask" how are you ", the answer is often automatic.

4. "  Blokis (cap) ": "I'm stuck in traffic." Who has not already released this little sentence? Delays are commonplace, everywhere and to clear themselves of any responsibility, we brandish the excuse of the "small" bottling.

5. "  I have not noticed your call ." Having deliberately refused to give up, you need an excuse. And this one is the most common.

6. "  Good to see you ." This sentence is so automatic that we wonder if we really feel.

7. "  I had not seen you ." Better than saying I did not want to greet you; Well after all I am not obliged.

8. "  You're beautiful / beautiful ." Go a little compliment, it is always nice.

9. "  He / she and I are just friends ." Of course, of course, must be a friend when you start dating.

10. "  I'll call you ." Goodbye, I do not have the time or no desire to talk to you.