​Children urged to participate in cancer awareness

​Young girls and children should be more involved in activities to raise awareness of cancers.

Dr. Mathias Sapuri believes that this not only helps others, but increases their own awareness on the illness.

Sapuri is an obstetrician and gynaecologist with Pacific International Hospital. He is coordinator of the annual Globeathon to End Women’s Cancers.

He is calling on the participation of this population for the walk this Sunday, September 24.

He said such programs were designed to raise awareness and their involvement would help them in the long run.

“They need to start educating themselves about women cancer, about the things that can happen as they grow up during their reproductive life. Unfortunately, a lot of women in PNG are not aware of these cancers, especially cancer of the cervix, breast cancer, ovarian and other gynaecology cancer,” he said. 

Sapuri said these events were designed so they can know the disease itself, make sure they know the issues of prevention, make sure they (women) have screening programs to be able detect earlier, treat earlier rather than wait until at a late stage.

He said close to 6 million women globally die from women cancer related issues.

In PNG, he notes three and a half thousand new cases of women cancer every year.

Sapuri said it is a huge problem in PNG.

Gloria Bauai