​3yo Bongre passes away

​Bongre Anton Peter passed away this morning at his home in Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province.

This has been confirmed by the members of the ‘Save Bongre’ fundraising drive, which was raising funds to support him.

The three-year-old succumbed to a rare form of cancer for children – retinoblastoma, that had affected his right eye.

It became his parents’ nightmare over the last two years.

Bongre’s story caught the country’s attention when mother Sinta and father Anton brought him to Port Moresby in search of answers.

However, little Bongre, as known by many, was forced to return home as the cancer was at Stage 4b – which means, it had spread far away from the origin into other organs of the body.

In Bongre’s case, his diagnosis was so late that the cancer cells had already spread to the left eye and the brain.

The Simbu Children’s Foundation continued to provide palliative care for Bongre back home at Banana Block, Goroka, until his death this morning.

Arrangements are currently being made to transfer Bongre’s body to the funeral home up at Goroka.

In the meantime, the haus krai is confirmed to be at his home.

Further details and funeral arrangements will be provided in due time.

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Gloria Bauai