​The existence of perfect water

What is the perfect water?

It has to be alkaline, mineral and hydrogen-rich and a powerful antioxidant.

Does this water exist? It does, according to a 41-year-old Japanese company called Enagic.

For years, the perfect water has been used by many hospitals in Japan to treat patients suffering from many diseases.

The perfect water was collected through a special technology developed, which enhances the quality of any clean water.

Enagic perfected this art over time, emerging as the industry leader, developing this technology capable of producing this perfect "living water" - The Kangen Water.

Kangen water has been accepted by many through the world, and many more live to tell the experience.

What makes this water special?

It’s the only water that has microclustered molecules tiny enough to go through our cells to hydrate and nourish them effectively, says Michelle Tempongko Jones, a wellness coach.

Kangen also has the ability to break down oil, as well as the ability to breakdown the oil-based pesticides sprayed on the produce.

Jones holds health lectures.

In one of these lectures, she highlighted a study on tap and bottle water which reveals that because of the size of the water molecules in tap and bottled, only about 20 percent of the water drunk gets absorbed into the cells.

She also advocates on Kangen.

Outlining the characteristics, Jones said one important was the alkalinity. She noted high alkaline, hydrogen-rich Kangen Water creates between an 8.5 to 9.5 pH drinking water, allowing on to have the perfect balance of acid-alkaline in the body.

“Everything around us like pollutions, toxins, even stress, creates an acidic constitution. A high meat diet also does the same thing. Very few of us actually eat more vegetables and alkaline-rich foods to balance what is happening internally,” she said.

“We are approximately 75 percent water. Ensuring that our base is alkaline helps our body create a healthier body,” Jones added.

She explained that when the body needs alkalinity for the blood, or to help get rid of lactic acid build up, it gets the minerals from our bones and other cells, thus depleting the alkaline minerals needed by our other cells and preventing our body from functioning optimally.

The perfect water has a negative ORP reading – meaning that drinking this water gives you the anti-oxidant support for your cells to help your body, cells, and tissues recover and rebuild itself from damages brought about by oxidative stress.  

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Gloria Bauai