Tahiti investigators revisit JPK disappearance

The ex-partner and a friend of a French Polynesian journalist who vanished in 1997 have been taken in for questioning.

Tahiti-infos reported that investigators probing the disappearance of Jean-Pascal Couraud, known as JPK, have detained the two to again try to establish when and how he went missing.

The investigation was opened in 2004 after the family lodged a complaint for murder in response to a claim by a former spy that the journalist had been kidnapped and killed by a militia in the service of the government.

The body was never found amid speculation it was dumped between Tahiti and Moorea.

Two members of the now disbanded GIP militia had murder charges dismissed five years ago after allegedly incriminating wiretaps were found to be inadmissible because they had been obtained illegally.

The case is yet to go to trial.