Pacific people called on to learn more about kidney disease

A kidney disease expert in New Zealand is urging Pacific people to make themselves more aware of the symptoms of the chronic condition.

Education specialist at Kidney Health New Zealand Carmel Gregan-Ford said many patients don't know they have kidney disease until it's far too late, which is why it's dubbed the 'silent killer'.

Ms Gregan-Ford said Pacific people remain at high risk due to increased rates of diabetes and high blood pressure that often relate to poor lifestyle choices, among other factors.

She urges people to take note of symptoms that are often wide and varied.

"Shortness of breath, lethargy, high blood pressure is really or can be a cause or consequence of kidney disease. Obviously diabetes and those sorts of things."

Carmel Gregan-Ford said information can be freely accessed online as Pacific people are often concerned about the cost of seeing a doctor.




Photo: AFP Many patients who can't get a kidney transplant are forced onto dialysis.