Australian stripper under fire for drinking beer from didgeridoo

An Australian stripper has found herself under fire after video surfaced of her using a didgeridoo to drink beer.

Video posted to Instagram shows Bambi Le Fist drinking out of the instrument during Australia Day celebrations.

She was wearing a floral bikini and shouted "straya" after finishing. Perth model Cassy Walker filmed the video and quickly faced criticism for the stunt, the Daily Mail reports.

"This is so disrespectful to our culture," one person wrote. "This is wrong on so many levels."

Ms Walker's Instagram is now private and cannot be accessed unless she has given people permission to view it.

Ms Le Fist is unrepentant though, posting a screenshot of an article on the controversy to Instagram saying the incident was taken too seriously.

"I think the headline for this news article should have been 'Bambi knows how to celebrate Straya Day right' Who doesn't love doing funnels from didgeridoos," she wrote.

She later posted a video to the platform showing her topless and preparing to use another didgeridoo as a funnel.

Ms Le Fist claimed the instrument's original purpose was as a funnel for "swanny d" another name for Australian beer Swan Draught.

Swan Draught is made at a brewery in Perth which was founded in 1857. It's hard to estimate when didgeridoos were first invested, but they have been found in cave paintings close to 1000 years old.

Australia Day has been met with protest over the ditch due to the mistreatment of Aboriginal people.

"People are shocked that Australia celebrates the day that the first fleet arrived," one protester told 7 News. "They're shocked that's what we celebrate, that we were colonised."

More than 3000 marched in the Sydney heat from Hyde Park through the city.

"It's a very disrespectful day to have," one woman said.