Ruth Bobo: The Girl With The Melodic Voice

Ruth Bobo is an aspiring singer with a voice that captures her audience in awe. The girl with the melodic voice from Vunamami village in East New Britain has established herself appearing on stage in many events.

She started singing at the age of seven when she owned her first MP3 player. Her inspiration has always been from her parents who were both in gospel bands in ENB namely “End Times” and “White Hope” back during the 1990’s. Most of her singing started in church and since the passion of singing is not new to her family, it has always been part of her everyday life. Growing up, her parents inspired her to continue in their footsteps.

The first time she sang in front of an audience was in church when she was in grade 9 in Kokopo Secondary School. Her first ever exposure on stage was during a talent show at her high school while in grade 11. She sang a cover “When You Believe “ by Mariah Carrey in front of more than 100 in the audience; this opened up doors and boosted her confidence in what she loves doing.

Ruth is currently doing her studies at the University of Papua New Guinea and she has siblings who also have passion for the art of music. Her elder brother, Jehosephat Bobo, took up music in UPNG and has contributed to her passion in singing.

She has made appearances in town programs, church productions, school shows, birthdays and also wedding ceremonies. As she continues to perform, she sees herself building her platform and bettering herself.

As her passion in singing develops, she aspires to record her own album with songs that will positively impact people locally and globally, as well as to inspire others out there that have a passion in singing to reach for the stars.

To not only dream, but to live the reality of their dreams because anything is possible and she believes that as you believe, so shall you become.

Joachim Lolok, UPNG Journalism Student