In Memory of Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare.

This interview launched Loop PNG’s #EverydayPeople campaign, and was posted on Independence Day Sept 16, 2020. Sir Michael’s profile marked the 45th anniversary of Papua New Guinea’s life as an independent state.

We repost this profile, as a mark of respect for his passing today. May he Rest in Peace.


“When I was telling Papua New Guineans about independence, there were a lot of reluctance; a lot of  people did not want to say anything. They were frightened that the country will go bad.

But believe me, I stick by what I said. You’ll have independence, you’ll have celebrations, you’ll have hamamas in the country. And now people are very proud of the fact that 45 years is coming up on the 16th of September.

Na mi hamamas lo tok bikpla hamamas blo Indipendens i go long olgeta manmeri lo Papua Niu Gini na tok bikpla hamamas i mas stap lo yupla. Yupla mas paitim han lo yupla yet, paitim bros na tok ‘mipla sanap wantem na mekim displa kantri kamap’.

  • Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare April 9, 1936 | Feb 26, 2020
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