Jason Peter: Huon Gulf MP

I have a background in chemistry, business, accounting and management from the then Lae Technical College and Divine Word University.

My mom is from Morobe, my dad is from East Sepik but we grew up in Morobe.

I started up a small business.

When I started the business, a part of the business involved helping others; serving people.

It started off from small beginnings but eventually, you know, tapping into the Huon Gulf District and assisting in all aspects, from children to adults, when I started giving, people were saying that I would be a good leader if I were in a position as an MP.

They believed that occupying the position of an MP would be the best place to have access to funding to assist all the people.

That’s how I changed my mindset from business into politics.

For the 2017 National General Elections, we did two years’ preparation before contesting.

After that, we did good work and after five years, we have achieved our goal with our team.

I am a first term MP and my immediate focus would be to work with our administration, especially for the district, to get something in place so that we have a good administrator to assist in implementing all our dreams and plans for Huon Gulf.

Carmella Gware