Faustina Fabila – Happy to serve the Aviation Industry

Faustina Fabila is an Electrical and Mechanical Draftswoman with NAC's Engineering Services Division, who joined the National Airports Corporation Ltd in 2014.

Faustina comes from Papua New Guinea and the Philippines, and she produces technical drawings and electrical plans for airport infrastructure and assists with architectural designs and building services plans.

Her drawings are instrumental in communicating design ideas and technical information to NAC's engineers, architects, technical officers, and other professionals.

Faustina's inspiration for pursuing this career came from her father, who was an architectural draftsman, and she emphasizes the importance of safety in any design and ensures that plans are accurate, clear, and compliant with building codes and standards, electrical safety regulations, and ICAO standards where compulsory.

This inspiring and intelligent lady finds joy in seeing her work acknowledged, “Seeing my drawings turn into reality and appreciating the little work I contribute to the organization, country and the safety of our traveling passengers and stakeholders is what I enjoy the most.”

She celebrated her 8th anniversary with NAC in November 2022, and looks forward to reaching her 9th year in the aviation industry this year.

The Management and Staff of NAC and the country acknowledge and appreciate Faustina Fabila for her continued service to the organization and the aviation industry.

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