Everyday People: Trevor Todol

My name is Trevor Todol, I am from a mixed parentage of East New Britain and Siassi Island, Morobe. I graduated with a Bachelor of Business Accountancy Degree.

I first attended the Divine Word University in 2011, 12 and 13, studying Business Management. 

In 2012 our HECAS ticket didn’t come early so we travelled by ship to Lae, that was on Rabaul Queen, from Rabaul to Kimbe then to Lae. It was on Thursday 2nd February when on our way to Lae we sunk, and I lost everything.

So then the rescue boats came and they took us to Lae and then up to Madang, Divine Word.  I went there but my mind was not settled to do my studies so I withdrew. I completed my second year in 2012 but 2013 I didn’t complete my 3rd year. After completing only the first semester in 2013, I returned home and stayed there from 2014-2016 and in 2016 I applied to UOG.

They were offering Accounting courses so I applied and in 2017, I enrolled as a non-school leaver. This meant I had no boarding privileges and so I rented a place to stay and study.

There were problems I faced when living outside the campus. My issue was renal payments for my accommodation as the landlord would pressure me on paying on time and even to pay for electricity.

Fortunately, in my second year I was offered a HECAS scholarship in my second and third years. But I could not continue this in the fourth year and I was back at renting.

To cut the long story short…… I dedicate my degree to my father. He didn’t lose hope in me, even though I didn’t please him at many occasions he still believed in me and my education.   

This year I am at home helping my father with his business, by next year I will look for job, I don’t know maybe in Lae. My interest is in accounting and management.

Frieda Kana