Everyday People: Sine Koete – Rookies Woodworks

Hi everyone, my name is Sine Koete, I am 20 years old and I recently graduated from High School. I am from the Gulf and Manus Provinces and I am the creator of Rookies Woodwork.

In high school, I was in the science stream, have always been interested in science and recycling of things, and have tried to apply some of what I have learnt in school to recycle wood, instead of letting them become firewood or thrown away as waste. So instead, I turn them into everyday useable items like furniture, etc.  

In my recycling journey, my big brother and other siblings inspired me to create ROOKIES WOODWORK as he saw the potential of my creations would get people’s attention and eventually after some exposure of my work on social media, people began to respond and make requests.

We are a family who take a huge interest in turning ‘trash into treasure’ and this ethos has influenced my determination to continue to upcycle pallets and other wood materials into useful products.

We all love working on our woodwork projects but if I am being honest, I love it more.

ROOKIES WOODWORK was established earlier this year and the name of our little SME was inspired from a childhood nickname, ROOKIE, as that is what family and friends have called me since I was kid.

I started by buying old timber pallets, googled ideas off the internet and Pinterest and then I would incorporate that idea with a few twists of my own and build something fantastic.

The feedback that I have received from people online and in person has been amazing and it inspires all of us at Rookies to do more, where even the customer shares ideas that they would like us to try out.

We have received requests even from outside the city but because we have only just started and still in the process of growing, we are not quite ready yet to take on big orders that require shipping or airfreight, but eventually we will get there.

During an interview a little while back, CEO of EMSTRET HOLDINGS LTD, Vani Nades reached out to me and encouraged me to sign up as a student member, and they have been good to me and have helped me out immensely ever since.

I believe in the potential of ROOKIES WOODWORK and with the help of professionals, I know it can grow into a successful business, and that is why I joined Emstret Space.

I aim to grow my business into something that helps my family and I.

Carol Kidu